Cleaning services - wet cleaning - manual car washing

Household clean-up

Do have pleasure from the living. Regular and one-time household clean-up, complete service.

Pre-christmas clean-up

To have the gorgeously clean flat, so that you could feel that right christmas atmosphere.

Firms clean-up

Clean working place stands for the bussiness card of your firm, where you and your employess will be feeling well. Regular and one-time clean-up of the administrative rooms. The complete service.

Ironing and laundry

Indulge yourself with more time for yourself and let the ironing and laundry upon us.

Winter maintanance, lawn mowing

Green maintanance, snow and ice removal, snow sweeping, salting

Plant clean-up

Floor washing, germicide, shopping rooms and shopwindows clean-up, toilette, kitchenette and bathroom germicide.

Manufacturing hall and industrious objects clean-up

Machine floor wash, windows cleaning, social premises germicide, vacuum cleaning, green maintanance, illumination cleaning, interiors and exteriors cleaning.

Carpets cleaning and wet cleaning

We focus on the deep carpets, settee and upholstery cleaning.

Spring tidying

Do you have your windows dirty and covered with dust after the winter period or the leaves in the garden? We are here for you.

Windows cleaning

Clean windows stand for the bussiness card of your living.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is devised for the cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces without chemicals usage. Improves the air quality in the room and protects the environment.

Hallways and stairs washing

Floor and stair banister washing, dust wiping, flowers pouring, elevators cleaning, entrance door washing, in front of the entrance sweeping, windows cleaning. Complete service.

Manual car washing

Car washing for firms and car pools, regular washing. We care for the high quality when vehicle washing. We use quality detergents of the Kärcher brand. Vacuum cleaning, cleaning, wet cleaning, germicide, waxing, plastics treatment, steam cleaning.